SDGs for Global Citizenship

The Educ8 Club is proud to announce that our next global conversation series will be focused on the SDGs and how they build Global Citizenship. The Sustainable Development Goals are based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


To raise awareness of the SDGs

To promote action to support the SDGs

To provide resources for educators to support the development of the SDGs

This global conversation series welcomes sessions in multiple languages and participants from all parts of the globe. Sessions about the individual SDGs, taking action and educating for SDGs, and issues related to SDGs are all welcome. We look forward to being surprised by the breadth and depth of passion on the SDGs by the Clubhouse community!


Check out the event schedule here! With 40+ sessions globally over the three days (Oct 1st-3rd), there is something for everyone. Check in the Clubhouse app at the Educ8 club to get more info on each of the events including panelists.


Submissions for presenting on SDGs for Global Citizenship is now closed. However, we are still open to submissions for non-English sessions. Drop us an email to register your interest.

The schedule for the SDGs for Global Citizenship – A Global Conversation Series will be released on Monday 20th September. Stay tuned.


Know a resource for one of the SDGs? Or for educators to learn more on how to embed them into teaching and learning? How about a blog, vlog or podcast about them? Share the resource here and we will publish the combined list in an open document here by Oct 1st.

Check out resources for the individual SDGs and to support teaching the SDGs

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Interested to know more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

This event is happening early October – a 2021 educational event not to be missed! In the mean time, check out other events that is happening from the Educ8 Clubhouse: