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So you want to get involved in Educ8 but aren’t sure how.

Here are some simple steps and a great explainer video that can help you get started on Clubhouse.

1. Join the app, make sure your socials are linked so people you ‘meet’ in the conference can connect with you later.
2. Check out the schedule and identify awesome sessions you want to attend –  don’t forget to check the time differences to your local time.
3. Follow the session lead (Column a) and ideally also the moderator (column h) in schedule doc (hyperlink). Turn on notifications to the highest fir each of them 
4. During the time of the conference, these sessions will show up in your hallway if you’ve turned on notifications to the highest. 
5. Keep an Eye out for sessions labelled EDUC8, these are officially part of the program 

Look for the Clubhouse logo in the Apple App store.