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Founder and Producer of Connection: A Lingua-Cultura Experience

Avishta Seeras is a neurolanguage educator, translator and polyglot. 

Connection: A Lingua-Cultura Experience is part of her vision to build a multilingual and multicultural future. 

Her mission is to promote multilingualism, diversity and intercultural understanding by making language education more accessible to learners worldwide.

She has a B.A. (Hons.) in Spanish & Latin American Studies, a B.Sc. in Human Ecology, and has also earned several certifications. She aspires to become a policy-maker to implement change in education and immigration policies. 

Avishta dedicates her free time to helping newcomers and refugees settle in her city in Canada. She has also built a community of language learners, lovers and polyglots on Clubhouse, and engages the members of her Multilingual Experience club on topics about languages, cultures and identity.



Associate Producer of the Connection: A Lingua-Cultura Experience

Hi there!

I’m Veerle, polyglot, neuroeducation consultant and language lover!

I have a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics to Teaching English as a Foreign Language, am a certified Neurolanguage Coach and Life Coach and I also hold a Master’s degree in Educational Neuroscience. 

My vision and expertise draw on insights from the world of Neuroscience. All my programmes promote a growth mindset, task-based learning, with emphasis on empowering students to see the positive potential for growth in both themselves and others. 

Lingua-Cultura Ambassadors


Lingua-Cultura Ambassador for the Creole languages and cultures and Caribbean region

Darnelle is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Jaden Timoun, a Haitian Creole Language Immersion Program for Children. Her love for culture and her experience as an Early Childhood Educator and Heritage language advocate informs her work creating culturally relevant content and programming for families. Darnelle is raising three curious and lively multilingual children with her husband.


Lingua-Cultura Ambassador for the French language and culture, Indonesian culture and European and Southeast Asian region 

Kevin Timelli, French, married to his wonderful Indonesian wife and a proud father to their four-year-old son. Raising a multilingual son of his own, taught him the importance of multiculturalism and multilingualism. That drove him to start Kidcrea Story, a website that provides kids the opportunity to create their own multilingual stories. He aspires to offer parents around the world the ability to share their language with their children through this new way of storytelling.

Happy ambassador for France, his roots country and Indonesia his heart country!


Lingua-Cultura Ambassador for the Portuguese language and culture, and Latin American region – Brazil

Luciana teaches Portuguese as a Foreign Language in Germany. Culture takes an important place in her language classes. She’s the founder of the Portuguese Language Cafe on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Conference Experience Team


Adrienne M Waller is the Worldwide Educator. With experience teaching Grades 1 – 5, supporting teachers K-12 and living and working across the world, she seeks to empower those she encounters. Leaning into advocacy is a passion that follows her through education and traveling. You can find out more at


Rafael Mojden – husband, father, friend and innovator – over the past 20 years he has worked in, managed, advised or invested in a dozen industries. Since before the birth of his daughter he has been focused almost exclusively on global education, art and innovation initiatives. The goal is to show that democratized access and inclusion in education and technology are the keys to solving our current identity politics crisis. We all are born, we all have a name, we are all one humanity. Passionately learning, traveling and teaching alongside his wife to show his daughter what a wonderful vibrant global community we live in.

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