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Started by educators for educators, but most importantly, for the learners. We vow to do everything in our power to help learners of all ages become better educated.

We start with the 1st ever International Education Conference on ClubHouse.

Next, we revolutionize and optimize the education paradigms and institutions that currently “attempt” to educate.

Cyrus Merrill, Founding Member, US History Teacher, Harker School

Jonathan Brusco, Founding Member, Director of Instructional Technology, Pinewood School

Deborah Chi, Founding Member, Private Tutor

Matthew Alex, Founding Member, Co-Founder, Beyond Academics

Kai Liang, Founding Member, Dir. Business Development, MEL Science

Lottie Dowling, Founding Member, Manager, Going Global at Meg.

Ted Tagami, Founding Member, Co-Founder,

Todd McLees, Founding Member, Principal, Full Circle Innovation

Lisa Dabbs M.Ed., Founding Advisor, Board of Trustees, East Whittier City School District

Brandon Na, Founding Advisor, Educator for 20+ years

Michael Harvey Founding Advisor, International Educator

Syed Rizvi, Founding Advisor, Lead educator & founder of REV MED

Beck Keough, Founding Advisor, Founder @Edulatte@inCURiATE