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Join our panel of diverse voices, on Friday, April 23rd at 1 PM PST to kickoff our 24hr nonstop sessions.

So meet our panelists:

Deborah Chi

CH & Twitter: @testing310

Deborah Chi is an educator with 15+ years of teaching in classrooms, museums, community centers, and one-on-one instruction. She has also worked various in capacities nonprofit. With two consecutive Masters in Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics along with an MPA, her research focus was centered on aesthetics & ethics and equitable education policymaking. Deborah is passionate about arts education advocacy, equity, and access for underserved communities. 

Adrienne Waller 

CH: @5footspeaker

IG: @5footspeaker

My name is Adrienne Waller, the Worldwide Educator, currently and eExploration and teaching is my passion and vocation.  I have taught and led in the US, Qatar and China. Now, I am focused on developing my craft.  I love working with teachers to improve their practice and to raise the value of their skills.Dr. Mina Blazy

CH: @minajoblazy


Dr. Mina J. Blazy works to support educational leaders to increase their collective efficacy in the areas of science, technology engineering, and mathematics.  Her research areas of study are the self-efficacy of girls in STEM, collective efficacy of a group, and the andragogy around teacher content knowledge in science and mathematics.  Mina is an advocate for self-care and loves to swim, road bike, and read.  She works to enable educators and school leaders to become extraordinary in making learning visible so that their students become extraordinary.   She wants to be sure to give a voice to women in STEM fields and encourages girls to pursue STEM careers.

Matt Alex  


Twitter @Futurexhighered

Matthew is a former partner at Deloitte, where he led the Student Technology and Transformation practice. In that capacity, he oversaw some of the most complex Student Technology Transformation projects in the country. He also led Deloitte’s Smart Campus and Future of Work initiatives. 

At Beyond Academics, he oversees our Future of Work and Digital Transformation practices as he continues to assemble the best and brightest minds in higher ed, entrepreneurship, innovation, and industry.

Ming Shelby

CH: @mingshelby

IG:@mingshelby Twitter: @_MingShelby_

Ming Shelby, M.Ed, Ed.S is a National Board Certified educator who has dedicated her career to inspiring students, teachers, and administrators through learning experiences. Ming is currently the Director of Professional Learning in the suburbs of Chicago and has facilitated workshops for adults and youth in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States. She is a TED-Ed, TEDx speaker and the host of the podcast Courage Up where she discusses how to move out of your comfort zone and take action to greater fulfillment, success and happiness in your professional and personal life. 

Robert Anderson

CH: @rajrofficial 

IG: rajrofficial  Twitter: @anderson9363

Robert Anderson, MA Science Edu, BA Physiology and Sociology Certification Sports Nutrition, Athletic Performance is the founder of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Firm. He is a published author, “The 12 Things They Wanted To Teach You In High School… But Couldn’t.” He is a sponsored Endurance Athlete. He is married and Dad of Four. His keynotes on Educational Excellence have been regarded as Chicken Soup for the Soul of Educators in 2021. 

Denise Newsome 

CH: @denisenewsome 

Twitter & IG  @MsNewsomesNotes

Denise has been teaching high school science for 9 years.  She is currently teaching chemistry and physics and serves as the department chair for 6-12 science.  She is the founder of Focused Educational Solutions, Inc offering maths and science tutoring and STEM consulting.  

Dr. Karen Gallman

CH: @drkarengallman 

Twitter @redlipsticklead 

Dr. Karen Gallman has 25 years of experience in public education and has served as a teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Principal Supervisor.  Karen has spent the last five years in MNPS, both as an Executive Director as well as an Executive Officer of Academics and School Support.  During her time in MNPS, she developed instructional pathways for individualizing the work of principals through a needs analysis of both school and principal leadership, mentored and coached principal residents for the principal pipelines.  Karen has a passion for integrating research-based tools and frameworks to further develop systems for district-wide implementation of continuous improvement, evaluation, and innovation in order to direct the organization’s attention to meeting the challenge of providing the highest-quality and equitable learning opportunities for all students, as well as redesigning systems to better support principal capacity.  She was a Center for Educational Leadership at the University of Washington Fellow who currently trains and coaches Assistant Superintendents and Superintendents of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) National Principal Supervisor Academy.  Karen also founded Lead Publish Inspire, Llc which helps organizations plan professional development for senior-level employees on workplace engagement, organizational culture, and creative leadership strategies.  Finally, Karen is the founder of Red Lipstick Leadership which helps mid-and senior-level executive women leverage their strengths. choose courage over comfort, become more confident and competent, and increase visibility so they can accelerate their leadership journey.

Marleina Goss-Taylor

CH: mgrosstaylor

Twitter: @mgrosstaylor

Marlena Gross-Taylor is a dedicated and successful EdLeader with a proven track record of improving educational and operational performance through vision, strategic planning, leadership, and team building. She has been recognized as a middle school master teacher and innovative administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Marlena has broad-based experience creating and implementing dynamic interactive programs to attain district goals while leveraging her resourcefulness, organizational and interpersonal skills to foster learning through a positive, encouraging environment. 

Avishta Seeras

CH: @avishtaseeras

IG: @Avishta27

Avishta Seeras is a translator and will soon become a certified neurolanguage coach. She dedicates her time to helping newcomers and refugees settle in Canada. She is an advocate of language-literacy, bilingualism and multilingualism, and aspires to become a policy-maker to implement change in education and immigration policies. She has a B.A. (Hons.) in Spanish & Latin American Studies, a B.Sc. in Human Ecology, and has also earned several certifications.

Tavares Bussey 

CH: @TavaresTeaches

Twitter: @TavaresTeaches

Tavares J. Bussey is a published author & poet and a middle school principal. He is an artist who writes to heal, to empower, to encourage, and to give voice to human experiences that many fear giving voice to. His hope is that one person reads his work and decides not to give up on life but instead makes the victorious choice to affirm and pursue life. He is an encourager at heart and loves to see others around him succeed with joy and peace. 

Bacely YoroBi 

CH: @bacelyy

Twitter @BacelyYorobi

Bacely YoroBi is the founder of ConnectX. He is an inclusive designer with 10+ years in startup engineering, helping organizations to be more inclusive in diversity.